Nurse: How much do you weigh these days?
Patient: A hundred twenty-one pounds.
Nurse: And the scale you are using is accurate?

Doctor’s office

Guy in elevator: So I had to go buy new shoelaces over lunch.
Girl in elevator: It's about time. You've been lacing them too tight for weeks. Makes me crazy.

Hartford, Connecticut

Overheard by: what

Cube girl: It was like Donald Trump in Hammer pants.

Stratford, Connecticut

Guy with loafers but no socks on cell: Hi son, it's me. Am I going to see you at the club tonight, or are you staying home? Oh, okay. So did you switch your class schedule? So now you're taking gym instead of business law? Terrific! That's great. Okay, see you soon. Bye.

New Haven, Connecticut

Overheard by: who calls their son

Coworker: If I ever have a kid, I’m going to send them to Catholic school. I went to Catholic school and I feel I got a gooder education.

150 Batson Drive
Manchester, Connecticut

Coworker #1: Everything from the waist down is flushed!
Coworker #2: (laughs loudly)
Coworker #1: Seriously, though, it's all washed up–time to trade it in!

Storrs, Connecticut

Intern #1: I walk funny in high heels.
Intern #2: Everyone looks retarded in heels.

200 Orange Street
New Haven, Connecticut

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Male coworker: Who was the other guy in CHIPS? Not Erik Estrada, the other one.
Female coworker: It was officer Johnathan Baker and… Arthur Poncharelli?

Glastonbury, Connecticut

Overheard by: James Logan

Warehouse employee, furiously banging tools around: Happy place, go to your happy place.

150 Batson Drive
Manchester, Connecticut

overheard by: I love this place!

Guy on phone with his mom: I think if an axe murderer breaks in, he'll already have an axe.

Stratford, Connecticut

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