Telemarketer: My name is [Adam Randor], ma’am…[Adam Randor], ma’am…Ma’am like madam, madamoiselle…No, my name isn’t ma’am…No, my name is [Adam Randor], ma’am…[Adam Randor]. Would Senorita work better?

130 West Canal Street
Winooski, Vermont

Overheard by: Kelly G.

Patient on phone: I would like to make an appointment to see Dr. Radcliff*
CSR: Okay, have you seen Dr. Radcliff before or are you a new patient?
Patient: Well, he's been in me three times before (referring to stent placed in heart and legs) So he's pretty much my doctor already!
CSR: Okkkkkk… (nervous chuckle)

Burlington, Vermont

Overheard by: TMI

Annoying female worker: I feel so left out… Can I just move my desk next to yours?
Manager: Absolutely not.

Howard Street
Burlington, Vermont

Overheard by: Drone

Specialist: So we can do more width, or more length. Which do you want?
Analyst: Let's go with more length.

South Burlington, Vermont

Overheard by: Megan

Coworker #1: I really like the new guy. He's refreshing. It's like he's not tainted.
Coworker #2: You mean he has no taint?

Burlington, Vermont

Office drone #1: I'd like to get some hamsters. That'd be cool. Then I could get an eagle, and let them go in the backyard so the eagle could get some exercise.
Office drone #2: Who are you–Michael Vick?

Burlington, Vermont

Overheard by: Isotope Feeney

Grunt: I don’t like Vegas. Actually, I liked Vegas when the mob ran it. Now it’s like Disneyland with hookers.

402 Watertower Circle
Colchester, Vermont

Overheard by: Bastian

Manager: Marcy, have you seen the trucking report for last month?
Marcy: No.
Manager: What do you mean you haven’t seen it? It was on your desk.
Marcy: Well, I think I almost saw it…

1000 River Road
Essex Junction, Vermont

Co-worker #1: Is there an ice cream truck outside?
Co-worker #2: I would be very surprised.
Co-worker #1: Are you sure?
Co-worker #2: There’s a trash truck outside…
Co-worker #1: …Oh, it’s your radio.
Co-worker #2: You mean the Bach Concerto?

130 West Canal Street
Winooski, Vermont

Overheard by: Kelly G.

Managing editor: They start foaming at the mouth and spazzing a little bit, which is really concerning the first time you see it.

Bennington, Vermont

Overheard by: Still Concerned