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I Used the Sacred Highlighter of Righteousness

Office clerk: Wait, this doesn’t look right.
Manager: It has to be right ‑it’s highlighted.
Office clerk: Maybe someone highlighted the wrong thing, because that’s not right.
Manager: I highlighted it.
Office clerk: Well, I think it may be wrong.
Manager: It can’t be wrong. It’s highlighted.

5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon

Overheard by: Saw the Light

…Though, to Be Fair, I Loved “Get the Party Started”

30-something female employee #1: Do you have a pink cowboy hat?
30-something female employee #2: Uh… Let me think. (pause) No, sorry.
30-something female employee #1: Oh, well. It seemed like something you would have.
30-something female employee #2: No, but you know who does have them? GT. And they’re like 10 bucks there!
30-something female employee #1: Yeah! Giant Tiger, awesome!
30-something female employee #2: See, this is why I took Friday off, cause you’re going to come in all pinkified…


Overheard by: Lannie

Just When You Were Starting to Expect More from Virginia…

Server girl (about black guy in pink shirt): Wow, look at that pink shirt that guy’s wearing!
Server boy: What about it? I think it looks kinda cool.
Server girl: But who would wear that?
Server boy: That guy obviously.
Server girl: Okay, you’re right, it’s okay on him…but on a person?
Server boy: That’s fucked up.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Overheard by: server thenn, idiot now