Lady on phone: Girrrl, you done sound like an apple pie that’s been baked!

Evanston, Wyoming

Tourist woman: You know, honey, you should drink more. We're at a high elevation. You don't drink enough.
Visibly drunk tourist man: What are you talking about? I drink all the time! I drink a ton. I was just drinking… It's just not water.

Old Faithful Village
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Overheard by: a ranger who is wondering why she works here

Coworker: I think I'd like to party with the Olsen twins. I always see pictures of them, and they frighten me… But I'm intrigued by things that frighten me.

Campstool Road
Cheyenne, Wyoming

GM: Why don’t we have any donuts? We should have a Donut Day.
HR Manager: That won’t fly, [Kevin]. I’m trying to promote wellness.
GM: Donuts make me feel well.

2512 Sage Valley Drive
Gillette, Wyoming

Overheard by: John Pettyjohn

Boss to underling: When I told you that you smelled like bacon grease, it was a compliment!

Mountain View, Wyoming

Overheard by: Meagan

Elected official: I think it's working, but we have to change something.

Casper, Wyoming

Short coworker: Man, I would give anything to be taller.
Tall coworker: I'd totally slip you a couple inches if I could.
(awkward silence)

Laramie, Wyoming

Overheard by: sarah