Supervisor: You can’t be doing stuff wrong all the time.
Waitress: I’m not the only one doing stuff wrong. You do a lot wrong, too.
Supervisor: I can do more wrong because I do more right. It evens out.

1770 Mill Street
Wailuku, Hawaii

Boss #1: Did you have enough to eat today?
Boss #2: No.
Boss #1: I can tell — you tucked in your shirt.

Kapiolani Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii

Blonde #1: So, can you email me the paper sample when you receive it?
Blonde #2: Ahhh… no.

Wili Pa Loop
Wailuku, Hawaii

Boss: It’s my job to eavesdrop on people. That’s why I like to talk really loud, so that when it’s quiet people think I’m not here.

Schofield Barracks

Helpful Co-worker: Does anyone want anything from Starbucks?
Tired Co-worker: Yeah, get me a triple iced mocha with a shot of crack
in it.

827 Fort Street
Honolulu, Hawaii

Overheard by: Jade Shiroma

Guy #1: After I’m through with her, she’ll be walking bowlegged for a week!
Guy #2: Is she going to be helping you with the construction job?
Guy #1: Do you even know what I’m talking about? Jeez, you gotta grow up!

2121 Ala Wai Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii

Office girl: Praise god! Prayer works!
Born again Christian coworker: Hell yeah!
Office girl: Huh?
Born again Christian coworker: Sorry.

Aiea, Hawaii

Overheard by: Girl hiding behind her monitor

Telemarketer with heavy Indian accent: Hello, I would like to speak to whoever handles your Yellow Pages or SuperPages needs. Who would that be?
Guy, interrupted at work: Do you not see a problem with the phonebook sales person calling and saying they don't know who they are calling?

Honolulu, Hawaii

Woman in cubicle: Does it feel good to have the mouse run down there?

Honolulu Credit Union, Hawaii