Female boss, demanding computer use from underling: I want your SAP!


Overheard by: Sean

Receptionist #1: Is tomorrow your last day?
Receptionist #2: Yes.
Receptionist #1: Good.

Park Place
Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Overheard by: stranded_in_UK

Shop worker: We assure you ma'am, none of our products contain any form of radioactive waste.
Customer: Well, I won't buy any then!

South Wales

Overheard by: Wait, what?

Boss: From now on, every time I call someone a ‘twat,’ just presume you’re Cc:ed in on it.

Power station

Female co-worker: Ooh, this melon is so juicy!
Male co-worker: For God’s sake, it’s like being on the set of an amateur porn film with you, sometimes.

5 Fitzalan Place
Cardiff, Wales

Overheard by: Mark Jenkins

Boss on phone to wife: Yes, they’ll be in this evening. Well, afternoon-ish… Probably in the morning.