North Dakota

Customer: Why are you billing me for this stuff?
CSR: Did you make the purchases on your credit card statement?
Customer: Yes, but I already paid for them. I used my credit card.
CSR: Yes, but now you have to pay your credit card bill.
Customer: That’s stupid. Why would I pay for something twice?

4325 17th Avenue S.
Fargo, North Dakota

Five-year-old: I’m taking a break.
Young librarian: What are you taking a break from?
Five-year-old: … The world.

2110 Library Lane
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Southern woman: No! You suck the head because that’s where all the juice is!
Confused employee #1: I thought your shirt said “Bite the head off and eat the meat!”
Confused employee #2: What the fuck are you sadistic bitches talking about?
Southern woman (laughing): Crawdads! I’m talking about crawdads!

West Fargo, North Dakota

Overheard by: Orion

Waiter: Is it your birthday today?
Customer: No.
Waiter: Oh, sorry. It’s just that there are a lot of birthdays this year.

Minot, North Dakota

Overheard by: Taggart Snyder

Manager: We are not going to use anyone as an escaped goat.

Columbia Mall
Grand Forks, North Dakota