IT person: “New Jersey”? New Jersey is a state? I thought it was part of New York.

Grand Pavilion
Cayman Islands

Salesperson on phone: She’s a vicious person but a friendly, stupid drunk.

George Town
Grand Cayman


Office guy to accounts manager: Hey dude, what are you munching on?
Effeminate gay guy, with attitude: Would you believe he just came in here and starting eating my nuts?

The Bahamas

Overheard by: dG

Canadian: Is there anything I should know about Cuban business customs before we get started?
Translator: No.

Girl with tray of espressos walks in and hands one to each person.

Canadian: I don’t drink coffee.
Translator: You do today.

Cuban Health Ministry
Havana, Cuba

Overheard by: Drank the coffee

Woman to tech support: So I came in this morning and I couldn't get it up.

Virgin Islands

Employee #1: What are we collecting for?
Employee #2: Shelly* crashed her car and we are helping her out.
Employee #1: What? Has she never heard of insurance? Uh uh, I ain’t putting in!

1046 George Town
Grand Cayman

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