Coworker #1: What branch of the military was he in?
Coworker #2: In the U.S.A. branch.

Madison, Wisconsin

Overheard by: Kain

Suit #1: So I was banging Alice in her office, and she started crying. It reminded me of George and Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy.
Suit #2: Wow! That must have been a turnoff.
Suit #1: No, I kept going. I just pretended I was banging Meredith.

80 J Street
Sacramento, California

Overheard by: Extra Character

Ditz: I’d really like to pursue my acting and singing career. I think I’m really good at that.
Dad: [Nods]Ditz: But if that doesn’t work out I could always be a marine biologist. But you know? I’d really rather keep working at Target. It smells sooo good.

TGI Friday’s
Frederick, Maryland