Italian musician in broken English: Excuse… Can you… wash… my instrument?
Agent: What?
Italian roadie: He wants to know if you have a cloth to clean his instrument.
Agent: Oh. Oh. Okay. God, I almost just smacked him!
Italian musician: Wash my instrument now?


Music agent slamming phone down angrily: God, he’s so unintelligent! I mean, even for a tenor!

1st District

Boss: Can you program this DVD player?
Temp: Um, maybe. I don’t know.
Boss: I thought you graduated from film school. What do they teach you there?
Temp: Obviously nothing useful for a later career.


Overheard by: cinekat

Employee: I really like the new floor tiles you picked for the office!
Boss: Good thing, too. These old tiles were put in in the 1950s, and I just found out they were made with cobalt.
Employee: Ah.
Boss: Yeah, they’re actually radioactive.
Employee: Huh?
Boss: A Geiger counter would totally pick up on the radiation in here!
Employee: Ummm…
Boss: But it’s not really a problem — it would take decades of exposure to effect you, really.
Employee: I’ve been here 18 years.

Music agency