The Alpha Male Restores Order in the Pack with a Show of Aggression

Sales guy slamming down phone: Fucking bitch.
Boss: Tell me you didn’t just slam the phone down on our biggest billing client.
Sales guy: What? She couldn’t hear that.
Boss: What the fuck are you talking about?! I get the phone slammed down on me all the time — I fucking hear it.
Sales guy: Yeah, I guess maybe she could hear it.
Boss, picking up phone: Call me.
Sales guy, getting very nervous: No, it’s okay. I’m sorry.
Boss: Fucking call me. I said call me! Fucking do it now! [Sales guy calls. Boss starts slamming his receiver against his desk screaming] Can you fucking hear that?! Huh?! Can you fucking hear it, bitch?!
Sales guy: I hear it, boss, I hear it. Please, please stop.

Cleveland Street
Valley Stream, New York

Overheard by: amused coworker