I’m Sure They Felt a Vague Sense of Discomfort

Dude: I bought a tea today in the first time in months.
Chick: I’m proud of you…?
Dude: Well, I threw it away when I got back here.
Chick: What? Why?
Dude: There wasn’t any sugar in it.
Chick: Did you ask for sweet tea? Wait, we’re in the South — it should just be assumed you want sweet tea.
Dude: Yeah, I know, right? But it wasn’t.
Chick: You should have asked them if they just weren’t catering to their southern customers and made a scene. That would have been fun.
Dude: Well, I did yell at them. I was, like, four miles away at the time, but I was really cussing them out.

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