And I Wrote for SNL During Those Crappy Years

Coworker #1: Hey, can you download this script for me: ‘I’m in Hell.’
Coworker #2: Oh my god, what happened? You were fine just a second ago! What’s that script you want called?
Coworker #1: ‘I’m in Hell,’ and I’m fine.
Coworker #2: That’s weird, having a script called ‘I’m fine’ when you’re in Hell.
Coworker #1: No, not ‘I’m fine’ — ‘I’m in Hell.’
Coworker #2: Seriously? What’s going on?!
Coworker #1: The script is ‘I’m in Hell.’ And I’m fine.
Coworker #2: Wait, what?
Coworker #1: [Sighs.]Boss: This is lamest edition of ‘Who’s on first?’ I’ve ever heard.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Overheard by: Office Ears