Would a Richard Gere Joke Here Be So 1998?

I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when this exchange about guinea pigs between two of my co-workers (I'll use their initials, l and e, to designate them) came seemingly out of nowhere:
L: "you can't keep guinea pigs in their cages all the time! You have to let them run wild and free!" **brief pause** "once a week."
E: **laughs and expresses general incredulity**.
L: "you have to let them stretch their legs! Like a dog, or they'll get arthritis!"
E: "what about those balls?"
L: "that'd break its back! A guinea pig is, like, the size of my foot! Those are for hamsters!"
E: "well, they're rodents!"
L: "guinea pigs are not rodents! They're little balls of fur and love!"

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