Then We Might Have to Actually Talk About Work!

Coworker #1, laughing: Oh my god, I was headed to the time clock and Bill* asked me if I said goodbye to Peter*.
Office manager: Peter? There's no Peter here.
Coworker #2: The spider?
Coworker #1: Yes, Peter the spider. Anyway, I said no and I went to his office to tell Peter goodnight.
Office manager: You guys have named a spider “Peter”?
Coworker #1: Yes… Anyway, he said there's a snack there for him. I figured it was a dead bug, but no, there's an m&m laid on the shelf above where Peter's hanging.
Coworker #3: Oh my god!
Coworker #1: I was laughing so hard I was crying.
Office manager: I'm going to kill Peter after Bill goes home.
Coworker #1, gasping: No!! Don't kill Peter!

Charlotte, North Carolina