Milton Waddams: At Least You Got Cake!

Coworker: Happy birthday! I hope you like the cake, we got it from your neighbor, you know, the the one who makes cakes.
Annoying coworker: No way! You got it from her, I can't believe you did that!
(a few minutes later)
Annoying coworker: Why is my piece so big? Stop cutting the pieces so big! I want to take some home! It's my cake!
Coworker: What? Are you serious? It's for the office, and this is how we always cut the fucking cake.
Annoying coworker: Ugh! Whatever! It's my birthday! Why can't I get some cake to take home!
Coworker: Fine! I'll wrap up the left overs. Jesus Christ!
(later that day)
Coworker: Here's the rest of your cake.
Annoying coworker: I don't want it anymore, I'm not going straight home after work, and I don't want to carry that around.
Coworker, while walking away: Fucking JAP bitch…

Manhattan, New York