Just Nod and Smile– You Make More Money

Customer, putting bright plastic Easter eggs with toys inside them on the counter: I want to return these.
Clerk: Is there a problem with them?
Customer: I only let my kids play with educational toys, and these aren't good for them.
Clerk: Okay.
Customer: They have dinosaurs in them! But dinosaurs didn't hatch from eggs!
Clerk: Actually, ma'am, they did…
Customer: You can't tell me that something that big came out of an egg. What do you know anyways, did you even finish high school? Look at where you work! I need educational toys for my kids.
Clerk: I will be more than happy to return them, did you want to exchange them for something else?
Customer, putting more eggs on the counter: Yes, these with the aliens. I only want toys for my children that are accurate.

Las Vegas, Nevada