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Once You Try a Giant Mutated Rat Sensei, You Never Go Back

Lady peon #1: Have you been following this e-mail chain? Derek* wrote that he was going to send his ninja friends after her, and Karen* wrote back, ‘Which ones? Leonardo or Donatello?’ Then Derek replied, ‘Splinter.’
Lady peon #2: I love Splinter!
Lady peon #1: Yeah, me too. That’s what I was going to write back to them. 555 West Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois

…So Just Ignore That Smell.

Lady coworker #1: Lately I've been real irritable, lately.
Lady coworker #2: I heard something on tv about that.
Lady coworker #1: Really? What were they saying?
Lady coworker #2: Well, it was these ladies talking about irritable bowel syndrome… Wait, that's not what you're talking about, is it? Austin, Texas Overheard by: So not irritable