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Is That Better or Worse Than Her Stepdaughter Being Pregnant and Moving Out to Live with the Son?

Coworker #1: Well, I got some good news and some bad news last night.
Coworker #2: Let me guess… your stepdaughter’s moving out, but she’s pregnant.
Coworker #1: Oh my God, you’re so close! My stepdaughter’s moving out and my eighteen-year-old son’s girlfriend is pregnant.
Coworker #2: Wow, what luck.

1649 Pandosy
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

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I'll Do My Best to Live Up to That. Now

Boss: You're out smoking again? I thought you were quitting?
Assistant: I start taking the Chantix tomorrow morning, smoke for a week and throw the cigarettes away and double the dose.
Boss: Okay, can I give you shit for it?
Assistant: All you want, I'll be a complete bitch and make your life hell.
Boss on intercom: Everyone, you have the next 2 months off: assistant is going to be a bigger bitch than usual.

Fountain Valley, California