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“Oh, so she is that qualified!”

Office Manager: You hired her, but you haven’t interviewed anyone else. Is she that qualified?
Suit: Actually no, she doesn’t have any experience working as an engineer.
Office Manager: Then why not interview some other people and see if you find someone better?
Suit: Because I don’t feel like interviewing. Besides, she has a really nice rack so I will at least have something good to look at.

1042 Hamilton Ct.
Menlo Park, California

This Is My Concerned Face.

Lady suit: Well, if she is suicidal, she shouldn’t be traveling alone…
Male suit, staring into distance: Mmm-hmmm.
Lady suit: … Or drinking alone…
Male suit, staring into distance: Mmm-hmmm.

Penn Station
New York, New York

Overheard by: passerby

Stupid Twenty-First Century

Suit #1: The RFA for the ‘o’9-‘o’10 year are…
Suit #2: “O’9-‘o’10?” You mean “ ‘o’9 – 10.“
Suit #1: There is another zero in 2010.
Boss: Yeah, ‘o’9 – 10’o’!
Suit #1 & #2: “10’o”?!
Boss: What? Isn’t that right?
Suit #2: No, he meant double ‘o’9 and ‘o’10.
Suit #1: I hate my life.

Lincoln, Nebraska

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