Despite What You Read in the Gay and Lesbian Section

Butch chick: I read The Lion and the Mouse when I was young! It’s a story about how the lion got a thorn in his paw and the mouse helped him remove it, and they became friends.
Normal chick: What a stupid lion, why didn’t he just eat the mouse?
Butch chick: It’s a story of morality for children! Help someone, be friendly!
Normal chick: So?
Butch chick: You don’t eat your friends!

Melbourne Central

Overheard by: Incognito

Guess Who Loves Green Running Man Exit Signs

Drone #1: Hey could they use images instead of words for these labels?
Drone #2: Are we going to do it…
Drone #1, interrupting: No, is it technically feasible!?
Drone #2: Technically, it’s feasible to split an atom. (pause) Are we going to? No.

St. Louis, Missouri