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5PM That’s a Wrap

Coworker #1: Hey, is this your Eagles CD.
Coworker #2: Yeah, that’s mine.
Coworker #3: Bullshit, you don’t even know who the fucking eagles are, douchebag.
Coworker #2: It’s my fucking CD, I’ve had since highschool.
Coworker #3: Yeah right, somebody left that on your desk — there’s no way that’s yours.
Coworker #2: Bullshit, this is mine.
Coworker #3: Alright, if it’s yours name one fucking song by the Eagles, one song!
Coworker #2: Man, I don’t know the names of songs, I just know the music.
Coworker #3: Wow, you’re fucking ridiculous!
Coworker #2: Okay, okay, well they did “Welcome to the Jungle.”

714 4th Street
Corvallis, Oregon

Overheard by: Ryan P

11AM Parts Check

Coworker #1: I asked for the parts manager, and she said ‘Jerry.’ I said, ‘Terry?’ And she said ‘No, J, as in Jerry.’
Coworker #2: That’s ridiculous.
Coworker #1: Well, she’s in California.

11149 Research Boulevard
Austin, Texas

Overheard by: HellKitty_01

The First-Ever Suggestion That College Leads to Sobriety

Woman: Man, I got so shitfaced last night. Major hangover. I’m not gonna get anything done.
Lackey: Well, good thing you’re a VP. You can get away with that kind of thing.
Woman: I know, right? And I don’t even have a college education!
Lackey: Guess I wasted those four years and workday sobriety for nothing. And all this time I could have been a hungover dropout.
Woman: Live and learn!

Providence, Rhode Island

Overheard by: Kate

Okay Fine, It Was Paperwork, Okay?

Delivery guy: When I got out of the Air Force I thought I was done with paperwork, but it looks like I’m destined to do paperwork.
Receptionist, uninterested: Oh, really?
Delivery guy: Yeah, but most of my time in the Air Force I can’t talk about.
Receptionist: Uh-huh.
Delivery guy: It’s top secret stuff.
Receptionist: Oh, okay.
Delivery guy: Can’t talk about it.
Receptionist: So don’t.

Austin, Texas

Overheard by: Waby

I Have to Go Change My Pants

Intern: Lou* just said he really likes my sense of humor! He said I’m self-defecating! Can you believe it? Lou thinks I’m self-defecating — he thinks I sit in my own shit! Lou’s so cool.
Lou, two cubes away: I said ‘self-deprecating,’ you idiot.
Intern: Oh.

6707 Democracy Boulevard
Bethesda, Maryland

Overheard by: One cubicle over

Of Course They’re Expensive –They’re Moloko Dispensers

Hick girl #1: Look, I’m just saying, that bitch was a bitch.
Hick girl #2: She is such a bitch.
Hick girl #1: I know. And her costume wasn’t even funny.
Hick girl #2: I don’t think they’re supposed to be funny. I think they’re supposed to be scary.
Hick girl #1: Her tits are scary.
Hick girl #2: She’s always showin’ her tits. I don’t wanna see them scary-ass tits.
Bitch: My tits are expensive, you stupid hick bitches.
Hick girl #1: Why didn’t you say you were in there, bitch? God, you’re a bitch.
Hick girl #2: Bitch.

Nashville, Tennessee