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Of Course, the Functional Invisibility Is Good for Robbing Banks

Woman #1: I hate these bloody name tags!
Woman #2: I know! The straps are so long! Everyone keeps peering down at your belly before looking up at your face!
Woman #1: I prefer the name tags you can clip on your lapel…
Woman #2: Yes, at my age I’d actually rather men stared at my tits and not at my stomach.
Old woman exiting stall: Honey, at my age you’re chuffed if they look anywhere at all!

Conference, St. Andrews Place

Good Idea: Start Small.

Paralegal: So I figured, if I wanna be a nurse, I can wash a midget.

San Francisco, California

Overheard by: melissa

We Had to Look That One Up, Dear Reader

Coworker to another: When can I have a crap-let named after me?

Madison, Wisconsin

Overheard by: Victor Ponelis