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3PM Smoke Break

Co-worker #1: Also I watched [Ernest] get into basically a penis-measuring contest with his roommate.
Co-worker #2: Over what?
Co-worker #1: Well…who was the fittest, and about who makes more hourly.
Co-worker #2: Who won?
Co-worker #1: In two weeks they’re going to have a run around Greenlake, and [Anthony] says in a couple of months he’ll make more hourly again.

2001 Lind Avenue SW
Renton, Washington

I Am Large, I Contain Multitudes

Cube dweller #1: I have people all up inside me all the time, and they’re just bound to come out sooner or later.
Cube dweller #2: I do too: that’s why I write.
Cube dweller #1: I think we’re talking about two different things here.

Overheard by: I love a good office gangbang as much as the next guy.