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Yo Quiero Matarle

Redneck employee: So, what do you call a quesadilla?
Latina employee: Quesadilla.
Redneck employee: Really? Just ‘quesadilla’?
Latina employee: [Silence.]Redneck employee: How do you say ‘salt’?
Latina employee: [Walks away.] 

1720 Indian Trail Lilburn Road
Norcross, Georgia

Tell Me How You Know That

Older receptionist: I can’t believe they’re making such a big fuss over Tom Brady’s baby. I mean, you know he’s going to be a great dad. He’ll pay for everything. That kid is going to be very well-endowed.
Secretary: Uh… Right…

200 Clarendon Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: secretariat

Keith Gets 30 Days in the Hole

Manager to three people working in cubicle: What are you all doing in here?!
Male coworker: There’s a dead mouse in my cube.
Lady coworker: This is Keith*. He’s a temp, but there’s nowhere for him to sit, so they’re all in my cube.
Manager: What are you doing about the mouse?!
Male coworker: Some guy came up and removed the filing cabinets and found the mouse. But he had to call a guy in another union to come and pick up the mouse.
Manager: What the fuck? This is unbelievable.
Lady coworker: It’s like an overcrowded prison in here.
Manager: Oh, I’ll show you prison [leaves].
Keith: Is she mad?
Male coworker: Isn’t this fun?

777 3rd Avenue
New York, New York