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11AM Plan Holiday Party

Cube monkey #1: What are you wearing to the Christmas party?
Cube monkey #2: A black dress with a santa hat.
Cube monkey #1: Very festive…and probably busty.
Cube monkey #2: Why wouldnt it be? It’s my dress.
Cube monkey #1: You could probably wear a burqa and be busty.

2300 West Plano Parkway
Plano, Texas

Overheard by: Lauren 

12PM Get Those Scam Salescalls Blocked

Coworker on phone: Why do you need to know what type of printer I have?…Well, I guess I could read the name of the printer to you off of the printer, if you suggest that… Here’s the name written right here. It’s F then U, C. Are you writing this down? K and then Y. Then finally O, U…Hello, hello?

4175 Central Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana

Today’s Babies Are Spoiled

Mother at baby shower, receiving gifts: You know they have forehead thermometers now, so you don’t have to do it up the butt.

Washington Navy Yard
Washington, DC

Overheard by: Steve

I Nodded Off During the Part About the Rain Forests

Gay drama teacher: We’re going to McDonald’s, did you want us to pick something up for you?
Hippie guitar teacher: No, I don’t eat there.
Gay drama teacher: Why, because of the movie Supersize Me?
Hippie guitar teacher: No, I stopped eating there ever since they started cutting down the rain forests to make room for more cow pastures for their meat.
Gay drama teacher: So… then, you don’t want McDonalds?

1311 E Katella Ave
Orange, California