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Thanks to Compressed-World Technology

Receptionist #1: I can’t believe I’ll be in England next week. I think we might drive to Australia, too — they have better beaches.
Receptionist #2: Is that far?
Receptionist #1: No, I think it’s a two-hour drive from here.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Overheard by: Not Even Kidding

2PM Facilities Issues

HR assistant: So, Paul*, when are you gonna take a look at my thing? I’m bursting at the seams, right?
Paul the safety director: [laughing] I can’t look now — and will never look at your thing.
HR assistant: But, dang it! I need some space! Look at how my file cabinets are overflowing!!
Paul: HR isn’t the only department that needs filing space!
HR assistant: [sighs] I just need someone to look and to care! 

4730 South Fort Apache
Las Vegas, Nevada

Overheard by: Corporate Paralegal