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Um, the Bras Are for My Wife

Cashier to cus­tomer: These are cute bras. I wish I had big boobs. Every­one says I should be hap­py with what I got, but I think I’d like big ones. [Cus­tomer stares silent­ly.] Guys like big ones. Not say­ing yours are big or any­thing, but I wish I had your boobs.

2000 Bar­nett Shoals Road
Athens, Geor­gia

Our Tastes Are Dis­turbing­ly Sim­i­lar

Ware­house su­per­vi­sor #1: Man, my com­put­er at home is run­ning slow.
Ware­house su­per­vi­sor #2: Why, what’s up?
Ware­house su­per­vi­sor #1: I down­loaded some porn but I had to delete it so my wife did­n’t see it.
Ware­house su­per­vi­sor #2: Okay, so what’s the prob­lem now?
Ware­house su­per­vi­sor #1: I found pron that was down­loaded by my wife.
Ware­house su­per­vi­sor #2, laugh­ing: Guess you’re not the on­ly ne­glect­ed one in the house.