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My Cup Al­ready Run­neth Over, You Know?

Ad­min as­sis­tant to cowork­er af­ter boss walks past: Ex­ces­sive boobage is­n’t on my to-do list to­day…

Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: at least they’re perky

How She Makes Time for Crafts

In­ter­view­er: Did you make these with your hands?
Teen Girl: Yeah, I made all these with my hands, these and lots of oth­er asexaries.


Over­heard by: Narek Markar­i­an


Work­er #1, jok­ing­ly: That’s be­cause Trinida­di­ans are loud.
Work­er #2, of­fend­ed: That’s so ig­no­rant! You’re so gay!


You Are a Bad Man

Cube rat #1: You’ve got to be shit­ting me… My grand­ma is try­ing to add me on My­Space.
Cube rat #2: That’s sort of sweet.
Cube rat #1: I’m her sec­ond friend. I did­n’t know she knew what a com­put­er was…
Cube rat #2: Dude, pop her com­ment cher­ry!

1932 Wild­cat Canyon Road
San Diego, Cal­i­for­nia