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I Am So Su­ing My­self

In­tern #1: That whole team is full of white re­ceivers.
In­tern #2: What’s wrong with white re­ceivers?
In­tern #1: They’re slow, man. I hate to be racist, but they are slow.
In­tern #2: Yeah…
In­tern #1: Hey, can I be racist against my own race?

1555 Pearl Street
Boul­der, Col­orado

Pics Or It Did­n’t Hap­pen

<b>president:</b> you sure he’s go­ing to start haul­ing?
<b>vp:</b> yeah, his au­thor­i­ty is pend­ing, he’s check­ing on that to­day.
<b>pres:</b> you be­lieve every­thing men tell you?
<b>vp:</b> if I did, I’d have five kids and no dad­dies.
</b>pres:</b> all that means is you know how birth con­trol works.
<b>vp:</b> or I don’t be­lieve guys who tell me they’ve had a va­sec­to­my.
<b>pres:</b> guys lie about that?
<b>vp:</b> uh… Yeah…
<b>pres:</b> oh… I had a va­sec­to­my, you know.

Fort Mill, SC