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Used How?

Hot ex­ec­u­tive as­sis­tant: It was the dirt­i­est cab I’d ever been in my life. The front seat was cov­ered with Pent­hous­es and used tis­sues.

Belle­vue, Wash­ing­ton

Over­heard by: Free Time on His Hand

De­spite Still Wet­ting the Bed.

Work­er #1, about friend’s two chil­dren: I like Mike, he’s a cool kid. Jake, though, just scares me.
Work­er #2: Me too! Se­r­i­al mur­der­er ma­te­r­i­al.
Work­er #1: Yeah! He’s prob­a­bly just this mis­un­der­stood, clin­i­cal­ly de­pressed kid that no­body loves be­cause he is so ug­ly. And un­der­neath it all, he’s prob­a­bly a love­ly per­son, but the world will nev­er know be­cause of two bitch­es like us. Oh, who am I kid­ding? He’s a psy­chopath, and you and I are awe­some.

Sacra­men­to, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: lurk­ing in the shad­ows