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That Was a Hint, Braini­ac

Cowork­er: Here you go, sir. En­joy the show!
Drunk cus­tomer, af­ter buy­ing Justin Tim­ber­lake tick­ets: Oh, these aren’t for me, but I’ll en­joy the head I’m get­ting for buy­ing these tick­ets.

Tick­et Cen­ter, Wil­low­brook Mall
Wayne, New Jer­sey

Over­heard by: Glad he did­n’t come to my win­dow

…If the Pope Gives the Go-Ahead.

Male cowork­er to an­oth­er: When does Moth­er’s Day start?
Fe­male cowork­er: It starts to­mor­row af­ter mid­night.

Mid­town, New York

Who the Hell Hired You, Any­way?

Op­er­a­tions man­ag­er: What are some of your goals?
New hire: I want to have ba­bies!
Op­er­a­tions man­ag­er: Ok… Do you have any goals in re­gards to your fu­ture with our com­pa­ny?
New hire: Sure, I want to do my job right, but I was re­al­ly just born to have ba­bies.

Dal­las Park­way

Over­heard by: Ad­dy

Vic­tor’s Se­cret

Fe­male cowork­er: I woke up to­day and could­n’t find my panties.
Male cowork­er: So, did you find them fi­nal­ly?
Fe­male cowork­er: No. And my hus­band dis­ap­peared…

Law of­fice
New York, New York

Over­heard by: jul­l­lul­ly