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I Suggest You Glue Your Ass to Your Own Chair

Office drone #1: What’s a funnier prank — if I tape the the receiver to the boss’s phone, or if I fix it so she can’t open the drawer?
Office drone #2: Um, maybe you should… [looks pointedly at returning boss behind drone #1].
Office drone #1: I know! I’ll glue her coffee mug to her desk. Bitch’ll be spewing!
Boss, standing right behind drone #1: Bitch is behind you.

Harris Street
Pyrmont, Sydney

Overheard by: get back to work!

I Know the Perfect Position For You!

Employee #1: I don’t know how you got a better review than you did last year.
Employee #2: Yeah, me either.
Employee #1: You know, I really only get about 50% out of you each day.
Employee #2: Yeah, that sounds about right. Some days more, some days less. Usually less.
Employee #1: Wouldn’t it be great if I got that 100% out of you, though?
Employee #2: Probably, but I really just don’t feel like it.

901 Warrenville Road
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Recovering Workaholic


Female intern: Another intern?
Male manager: Yup. You’re not so new anymore.
Female intern: What’s his name?
Male manager: Dick.
Female intern: Really? I know a Dick.
Male manager: Do you?
Female intern: Yeah, I know like three Dicks!

Richmond, Virginia

Overheard by: this wun guy