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Explains a Lot

Worker bee: No, he was there. My sister and I came home from school and found her on the floor covered with ketchup, and you know what? Rosanne Barr’s mother did the same thing!

25500 Hawthorne Boulevard
Torrance, California

Overheard by: Robb Banks

Cut Scenes from Midnight Cowboy

Bus driver: Your bus pass isn’t working.
Passenger: Sorry, man, it should. I just got it yesterday… It’s new.
Bus driver: It’s just not working… Just come on anyway. I love you, man.
Passenger: Thanks, bro. I love you, too.

Downtown bus terminal
New York, New York

1PM Pep Rally

Employee #1: They got suspended.
Employee #2: Why?
Employee #1: They were grinding during the National Anthem.
Employee #2: Oh, how do you do that?
Employee #1: Haven’t you seen the pony commercial? You can grind to anything.

201 Recreation Drive
Bolingbrook, Illinois