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12PM Order 10 More “Gigabytes” (?)

Boss: Do you know where the gigabytes are? I need some more for my computer.
Employee #1: What are you talking about?
Boss: Are they in the closet?

He goes looking in the closet for about five minutes.

Boss: Seriously, do you know where more gigabytes are?
Employee #2: Maybe they’re in your pants.

N59W14909 Bobolink Avenue
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Overheard by: LeeAnn Michaud

Almost As Long As I've Been a Virgin

Engineer #1: You hear about the names of these meeting rooms? They're named after subatomic particles.
Engineer #2: Ya, we've known about them for a million years.
Engineer #3: Really? A million years?
Engineer #2: I was being facetious, but if you want to be literal about it, the space was always ,there we just built offices around it. So yes, they have been there for millions of years.


…Was Just You Farting, I Suspect.

Office guy: Do you hear that sound? Do you hear it? That's the sound of my soul being sucked out of my body every time we go over these reports.
Accounting gal: Yeah, but this one…

Seattle, Washington