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And I’m Say­ing, “Your Wa­ter Breaks in It, You Bought It.”

Old­er sec­re­tary la­dy: Child­birth is such a mag­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence, un­like any­thing else in the world. It’s just so amaz­ing, you wont un­der­stand un­til you’re a mom.
20-some­thing fe­male cowork­er: Um… All I asked was if I could re­serve the com­pa­ny van!

Den­ver, Col­orado

Over­heard by: Vans have feel­ings too

I Hate This Fuck­ing Place So Much.

Mid­dle aged boss to flunky on last day of his in­tern­ship: Hey, Chris, it’ll be a shame to see you go… So tell me, is your name short for Chris­t­ian or Christo­pher?
Flunky: My name’s Craig.

Pub­lic Sec­tor Com­mis­sion