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The Cow Was Found to Be Neg­li­gent

Lawyer #1: I can’t wait to get rid of those cows.
Lawyer #2: I thought you liked your cows.
Lawyer #1: Well, I did, but then one of them got a lit­tle too close and now I have a large bruise on my right thigh.
Lawyer #2: You were just too prox­i­mate.

401 Con­gress Av­enue
Austin, Texas

But This Is a Ma­nure Com­pa­ny!

CSR #1, com­plain­ing about trainee: All this guy keeps say­ing is “I’m a se­nior en­gi­neer; I al­ready know what I’m do­ing,” and flat out re­fus­es to lis­ten to what I’m telling him. I mean, it’s just a ti­tle, guy. Stop be­ing a dick.
CSR #2: Oh, yeah? Well I’m a cus­tomer ser­vice rep­re­sen­ta­tive. I don’t rep­re­sent shit!

Chesa­peake, Vir­ginia