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The Best Part Is, This Is a Veterinary Office.

Office assistant to patient: Well duh, you can tell the difference between a frog leg and a chicken leg… Frog legs don't have bones.
Patient: Uhh… Yeah they do!

Gridley, California

Also Cleans Up Easier Than Motor Oil

Hairdresser: Oh, by the way, thanks for the tip about the Astroglide — it’s awesome! Client: Oh, you finally got some? And you love it?!
Hairdresser: Love it? I had to tell Paul* I saw an ad in Cosmo, or he’d know I was talking about our sex life at work.
Client: So, it’s cool, right? And doesn’t dry up, right?
Hairdresser: Listen, it makes him forget he’s a New York police officer — totally awesome!

Hillsdale, New Jersey

Overheard by: Receptionist