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Fe­male cowork­er: Some­body’s poor vagi­na. It’s gonna col­lapse on her!

Raleigh, North Car­oli­na

He Thinks Peo­ple Are Com­ing On to Him When They Flip Him Off

Co-work­er #1 gives co-work­er #2 the hand sig­nal for dev­il horns.
Co-work­er #3, re­turn­ing the sig­nal: Los­er.
Co-work­er #1: What did you say that for?
Co-work­er #3: You called me a los­er, so I called you a los­er.
Co-work­er #1: I did not. I was giv­ing Kel­ly* the dev­il horns.
Co-work­er #3: Oh, sor­ry.
Co-work­er #1: It’s okay. I guess it’s easy to think that peo­ple are call­ing you a los­er be­cause you still live with your par­ents.

800 Mar­ket Street
St. Louis, Mis­souri

Over­heard by: We were sup­posed to be work­ing