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3PM Smoke Break

Co-worker #1: She came over to our area, started bothering us, and then complained about the noise. She just gets me really riled up sometimes.
Co-worker #2: The other girls seem to like her.
Co-worker #1: Yeah, that’s why you have to be nice to her. Otherwise I’d set her on fire.

383 Madison Avenue
New York, NY

Overheard by: kt

Oh, and Photocopy the Porn

Male coworker #1: So, what do you even do back there, Allen*?
Male coworker #2: Apart from sifting through all of that mail.
Male coworker #1: And making photocopies.
Allen: Watch porn and whack off.
Male coworker #1, laughing: Seriously?
Allen: Hell yeah.
Male coworker #1: Dude. You’re my idol.

Office on 48th Avenue
New York, New York

Or Are You Just Generally Greasy and Salty?

Office chick: You know what the best part of getting McDonald’s is? Just when you think you’re done, you find five or six bonus fries in the bottom of the bag.
Office dude: It’s the simple pleasures for you, huh?
Office chick: Oh yeah, nothing better! Something small and salty to snack on!
Office dude, filled with innuendo: In that case, I have another bonus fry for you to enjoy.
Office chick: Seriously? I think you just admitted to having a small dick.

Figueroa St
Los Angeles, California