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Wouldn’t Fit?

Manager: and then he got mad at me because my tongue’s too big!

Tampa, Florida

Overheard by: h

Or We’ll Just Keep Passing This Chlamydia Back and Forth

Female coworker #1: You need more man-attention than I do, even!
Female coworker #2: Well, you know Paul is coming over this weekend.
Female coworker #1: Who’s that?
Female coworker #3: Her booty call.
Female coworker #2: Yeah, he’s cool, you should totally call him.
Female coworker #1: Ew! I am not calling your booty call.

Arcata, California

Overheard by: Jessica

But First Text Me to Let Me Know It’s an Important Call

Marketing guy: Why haven’t you kept me up to date on this account?
Ops guy: I’ve CC-ed you on every email I sent to them.
Marketing guy: I don’t have time to read my emails. There’s too much information in them. If you send me an important email give me a call to let me know I need to check it.

1700 Research Boulevard
Rockville, Maryland

Overheard by: Septimus