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You’ll Change Your Tune When You See It Screw.

CTO: Hey, what are you doing?
Female working on office chair with power screwdriver: Trying to prove I don’t need a man. So far, I’m succeeding.
CTO: Totally wrong power tool for that.

Los Angeles, California

12PM Inventory

Co-worker #1: What are some common plastics?
Co-worker #2: Um, that list is really long. Just look for “polymers.”
Co-worker #1: Well, what are some common polymers?
Co-worker #2: No, really, that list is longer than my arm. Just look for stuff that starts with “poly.”
Co-worker #1: …Is ceramic a polymer?
Co-worker #2: Um. No.

500 Dulany Street
Alexandria, Virginia

Overheard by: Colleen