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11AM Product Test

Supervisor: What are you doing?
College kid #1: Spraying each other.
Supervisor: Do you know what is in those bottles?
College kid #2: No.
Supervisor: Why would you spray each other with something you don’t know?
College kid #2: It’s fun.
Supervisor: It’s acetone!
College kid #1: Is that like water or something?
Supervisor: God, I’m going back to my office.

465 Paul Road
Rochester, New York

Overheard by: Nick I

12PM Lunch

CSR #1: Do you remember Barbie?
CSR #2: Barbie? Was she the one who used to chain her chair to her desk?
CSR #1: No, that was someone else — Barbie was the one who used to have Barbie dolls all over her desk and pink fluffy pens and stuff?

473 Ridge Road
Dayton, New Jersey

Overheard by: office peon is having a ball today