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Hiring Crazy Bag Ladies Is a Nice Gesture, But…

Cube dweller #1: Where’d Marla* go?
Cube dweller #2: She heard you were coming to find her and she ran away screaming nonsensical things.
Cube dweller #1: You just go on and eat your apple, you little worm.
Cube dweller #2: Huh?
Cube dweller #1: You little bookworm, you! Heee! Huhuhhuhuh! Bookworm!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Overheard by: I just don’t understand!

Every Office. Everywhere. This Same Conversation.

Cube dweller #1: I wish I had a job that I could come in at 10 and leave at 3 and still get paid for 8 hours.
Cube dweller #2: I wish I had a job that I didn’t have to come in at all and get paid for 8 hours.
Cube dweller #1: Mine is more realistic. (pause) Maybe not.
Cube dweller #2: Not so much.
Cube dweller #1: I wish I had a sugar daddy.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: quietandlistening

Is History the One with the Quadratic Equations?

Chick: My father went to Timbuktu.
Dude: Where is that, again?
Chick: Some county in Africa.
Dude: Some country in Africa?
Chick: Yeah. Africa is like Europe — made up of lots of countries.
Dude: Oh. I was never good at history.
Chick: I think you mean geography.
Dude: Oh, yeah…

Dulwich Hill