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Native Americans: Jeez, Even the Bigots Ignore Us!

CEO to new sales rep: Use your judgment when it comes to payment schedules. If they sound like good people — you know, like normal Americans on the phone — we’ll bill them. But Ay-rabs and Orientals pay COD. You have to watch those bastards, ’cause they’ll all fuck you.

1190 North Del Rio Place
Ontario, California

Overheard by: Really glad I gave notice yesterday

The Left

Guy: The movie wasn’t very good, but the chick was super hot. She was, like, half Chinese, half normal.

Ottawa, Ontario

Overheard by: Supervisor

Bring a Friend

Male coworker: When are you going to come out of your cave and socialize?
Female coworker: Why don’t you just come in my cave?!

810 7th Avenue
New York, New York

Overheard by: Hmmm… Maybe I will