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5PM That’s a Wrap

Boss: Oh you fucking idiot!
Boss: Why don’t you just go home, you wanker!
Boss walks out of the office.
Employee: Who are you yelling at?
Boss: Me, I’m going home!

301 Pirie Street
Adelaide, Australia

Overheard by: Jessica

4PM Find a Ride Home

Co-worker #1: What happened to [Joel]’s car? The hood is all smashed up all the way up to the windshield.
Co-worker #2: Not sure. Ask [John], he’s parked on the second level.
Co-worker #1: Second level? There is no second level.
Co-worker #2: Better tell [John] that.

60 Baylis Road
Melville, New York

… Nor What State We Started In

VP on phone: Yeah, what’s wrong?
Niece on speaker phone: We’re lost. Can you pull up a map or something?
VP: Where are you and where are you going?
Niece: We’re going somewhere in Massachusetts, and we don’t know what state we’re in.

316 Warren Avenue
Front Royal, Virginia

Overheard by: not the dumbest anymore