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2PM Send in Do­na­tion

Of­fice Work­er: He was like, “I spent a long time fill­ing out these forms, so you bas­tards had bet­ter do­nate to the com­bined fed­er­al cam­paign.”

2 Mass­a­chu­setts Av­enue NE
Wash­ing­ton, DC

In To­tal­ly Un­re­lat­ed News, Bur­ri­to Par­ty at Ted’s Next Week!

Work­er bee #1: Hey, have you ever been at your bud­dies’ house and re­al­ly had to fart, but you did­n’t want to so you held it in for the longest time, but then you fi­nal­ly had to let it go, and just as you do his mom walks down the stairs?
Work­er bee #2: I re­al­ly have no idea what to say to that.
Work­er bee #1: Yeah, it’s nev­er hap­pened to me ei­ther, though I guess it’s on­ly a mat­ter of time.