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1PM Lunch

IT #1: She’s a nut.
IT #2: Most peo­ple are.
IT #1: What kin­da nut do you think we are?
IT #2: Cashews be­cause we’re unique and ex­pen­sive.
IT #1: I guess we could be macadami­ans.
IT #2: Those are fat­ty.

30830 North­west­ern High­way
Farm­ing­ton Hills, Michi­gan

9AM Back to Work

Boss: Where is [Blake] to­day?

Girl in cube: I don’t know. He did­n’t text me. I think he’s too em­bar­rassed.

Boss: Why? Did you guys end up mak­ing out in front of every­one again at hap­py hour?

Girl in cube: No! Give me a lit­tle cred­it.

[Long pause]

Girl in cube: It was in a cab.

350 Madi­son Av­enue
New York, New York

9AM Back to Work

Host­ing rep: Al­right sir, I re­set your pass­word so you can log in.
Host­ing rep: Are you ready for it now?
Host­ing rep: Ok sir, it’s all cap­i­tal let­ters… It is I‑D-1–0‑T.

4800 Con­cen­tric Boule­vard
Sag­i­naw, Michi­gan