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Change Sucks.

Train­er: So, we used to be called the self-help de­part­ment, but now it’s the self-ser­vices de­part­ment. Be­fore, we helped cus­tomers to help them­selves. I guess now we help cus­tomers to um, ser­vice them­selves.

Austin, Texas

4PM Work on Re­port

Of­fice work­er: I need to talk to you about this re­port you men­tioned.
Man­ag­er: No, we can’t talk about this now, not till to­mor­row.
Of­fice work­er: Yes, but it’s due to­morr–
Man­ag­er: No, no, no! Now is not the time to talk about it. To­mor­row is.
Of­fice work­er: But–
Man­ag­er: To­mor­row. Good­bye.

39 Mur­ray Street
Ho­bart, Tas­ma­nia