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Or at Least the Part He’s Kiss­ing

Girl: Aun­tie Dee*, how did you know Un­cle Frank* was in there.
Aun­tie Dee: Well, Mol­ly*, he’s not in the wait­ing room, so he has to be in there with the doc­tor.
Boy peer­ing in win­dow to ex­am rooms: He’s kiss­ing that nurse like he knows her!

Doc­tor’s of­fice
Ridge­wood, New Jer­sey

Over­heard by: Pa­tient­ly Wait­ing

2PM Smoke Break

Guy: I’m so beat. I stayed out till 4am drink­ing last night. I was go­ing to go take a nap in the car, but I think that would be too ob­vi­ous.
Girl: You can take a nap on the pic­nic ta­ble over there. Then maybe a cop will show up and ar­rest you be­cause he thinks you’re home­less.
Guy: Bitch! This is busi­ness ca­su­al!

23825 Com­merce Park
Beach­wood, Ohio

No, That’s the IQ-Tem­per­a­ture Scale

Co-work­er #1: Morn­ing [Eti­enne].
Co-work­er #2: Morn­ing. It’s go­ing to be hot to­day, it’s al­ready 80 de­grees out there.
Co-work­er #1: My weath­er sta­tion said it was ‑15 de­grees.
Co-work­er #2: What is that, in cel­sius or some­thing?

1345 Mon­roe Av­enue NW
Grand Rapids, Michi­gan